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The Way Called Beautiful

"I will walk first where we have never been before… Stay strong my beautiful Monnzheeze… Lay empty Zawanquit’s sacred lodge so that the stars above will touch it. The yellow medicine clouds I loved so well will be my guardians and leave nature to accept me as I accepted her…" Rescued in the nick of time from an inevitable doom & the landfill, these writings are presented to you, the reader, in a beautifully compiled & richly illustrated book. Part history, part love story and yet completely spiritual, learn of Zawanquit's respect for Mother our beautiful Earth, our ancestors and most importantly Grandfather, Kish-Shamm-Manitou, our Creator... Helen Bird is an artist, photographer & writer. Zawanquits’ words have greatly influenced her art & renewed her love of life, interest and devotion to sustainability and continued compassion for all.

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