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Inksanity Collectors Books

A choice of three collectors books 

Inksanity, Inksanity II and Inksanity The Third 

This is Helen Bird's first collection of art work and is beautifully presented along side quotes from some of her favorite authors. Many names have been given to her work, descriptions such as; 'psychedelic', 'vibrant', 'the zenith of abstract' to mention just a few. They can be viewed from all sides, as no one side is 'the right way up'. See what you can spot for yourself, fantastically hidden in each of these ink drawings...some say they can see a face, a city, maybe a map of stars and rivers, of music, pyramids & planets.... Why titled 'Inksanity', you may ask? Because "I draw the best when under duress!" Cheers Helen Bird Art! 


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